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Meet The Board

Our board represents a cross-section of our community and has a passion for serving those seeking recovery. Half of our board members are in recovery themselves and work hard to ensure growth and long-term sustainability of Reviving Lives Ministries and oversee that the funds raised directly affect those who are willing to seeking healing from Substance Use Disorders.

  • I was born in Williamston, NC and am a proud native of New Bern, NC. I am a retired Dance
    and Physical Educator who tries to spend most of my days searching and seeking how to use my
    God-given gifts, talents, skills, and resources for God’s call, purpose, and will for my life. I am a
    life-long learner, a daughter, sister, mother, friend, dancer, educator, yogi, pilgrim, and
    recovering alcoholic. The feeling of needing to belong and find genuine purpose in life is a
    common thread I believe we all share. I have been in recovery since March of 2020, and feel
    honored to have been asked to serve as a board member for Reviving Lives Ministries.
    I know the isolation, shame, guilt, loneliness, confusion, rejection, and desperation of
    addiction, and I am no longer afraid to share my experience, strength and hope. It is important
    to me to help others because I believe we are all deeply connected to one another as brothers
    and sisters, created equally, and formed from the same God. RLM allows everyone the safety
    and freedom to become their healthiest self. When united and working cooperatively towards
    the well-being of all people, I believe we can help build a recovery community strongly rooted
    in FAITH and LOVE. Through spiritual awakening, individual recovery, and the ministry of RLM, I
    believe many others like me will find their way HOME.

Our Foundation and Business Partners

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    Fund Development

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